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Coffret petit trésor

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Produce in Portugal
If you have a birth to celebrate, we have for you the ideal gift to celebrate this happy event. A box with the most practical and softest for baby.
A box with elegant clothes.
This elegant and unique box includes:
pyjamas with a collar
an embroidered "Petit Trésor" diaper
a cardigan 
This box is made by us and is delicately perfumed with Enfance Paris eau de toilette. It is a unique gift, which will please and which is distinguished by its quality.
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✩ Pajamas with collar: ❀ 100% cotton ⌻ Wash at 30°
✩ "Little treasure" embroidered diaper: ❀ 100% cotton ⌻ Wash at 90°
✩ Vest: ❀ 100% merino wool ⌻ Wash at 30°

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